Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Potato-Spinach Curry

This is another easy dinner to make. There is some chopping of potatoes, but that's about it. I substituted fresh spinach since I had a whole box of it (I did not get the creamy texture Isa was going for, but that's OK with me) and a can of diced tomatoes instead of fresh plum tomatoes. Use whatcha got, right? I had to omit onions for a family member sensitivity, and reduce the garlic from four cloves (wow!) to a big half clove and I was a little low on ginger. I think all that did reduce the flavor. If it were to make this again, I would add back the onions, make sure I had all the ginger called for and increase garlic to two cloves (and can't see using four!). I also added about another cup of water and I think more could be added. The sauce was thin, so maybe mash up a few of the potatoes if you like a thicker sauce. I used the full two pounds of potatoes called for and that was plenty. Maybe more salt.

I think it will make a good "left-over" meal...great in burritos, mash it up, add water/stock to make it a thick soup, etc.

Update: I had this for lunch for a few days after I first made it and it got better. Maybe a combo of the flavors intensifying as well as the familiarity factor coming into play. (Like when you listen to a new song from a group you love and you don't really like it until you've heard it several times.) I ate it over brown rice pasta and it was wonderful. It's a nice dish on a cold gray day.

Did the DD eat it? Yes, but forced.
Would I make this again? No, it didn't really light up my taste buds. (I liked it more later.)
Rating: 3 out of 5 Forks

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