Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals Updated October 2013

Name: Margaret      Age: 52      Weight now:    168.5 lb

Weight Goals:
153.0 lbs by Christmas, fitting into a size 12 again! (That's about 5 lbs a month)
148.0 by end of January 2014
143.0 by end of February
135.0 is my overall goal

Through the end of the year (2013), I will stick to the Happy Herbivore Meal Plan. It's easy, tasty and most of the food I'm pretty used to all ready. Nothing too unusual or difficult, but still new ideas and new meals to photograph, which I love doing. Many are easy to make ahead. Would like to swim/aqua 3x a week, and work in a walk or PT 2x a week.

Weight and exercise check-in:
10/7/13     169.0  I exercised 3 times this week: 3 hours (pool), but ate terribly!
10/12/13   171.0
10/13/13   168.8
10/14/13   168.5



Fitness Goals 2012

Name: (still) Margaret 

Age: 50 in late June 2011

Weight at start (3/12):
164.5 lbs (how about that--same weight as last year!)

Weight Goal:
145.0 lbs (by mid May 2012, but I'd be happy with 150-155 lbs)
Fit into a size 10 jeans again! (At least in my Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Sparkles Jeans. I have a Size 12 now that fit, but I'm guessing I'm closer to a 14.) Be a Large, not an XL! And eventually a Medium.

For the next 10 weeks I'd like to follow one of the books on this blog for 3 weeks at a time, and lose 2 pounds per week. I will get back to exercising at the pool and attending the aquaerobics classes. I might try to fit in some walks, but I really need to start my PT on my hips and muscles that are giving me problems.

Weight and exercise check-in:
3/2/12: 164.5 lbs



Fitness Goals 2011

Name: Margaret 

Age: 49 at start

Weight at start (2/11):
164.5 lbs

Weight Goal:
135.0 lbs (by late June, but I'd be happy with 140-145 lbs)
Fit into a size 8-10 again! Be a Medium, not a Large.
7/31/11: OK-have to re-set the goals: 158 before I attend the Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference.

Total loss goal:
30 lbs (but really happy with every 5 that goes away!)

Health Goals:
Able to ride a bike for 10 miles.
Able to walk or jog for 2-4 miles.
Swim 14 laps after each aquaerobics class, or start swimming at lap sessions for 30 minutes.
Reduce/lose pain in hip.
Reduce/lose muscle spasms everywhere!
Gain strength and balance in my legs.

Weight and exercise check-in:
2/24/11: 164.5
3/2/11: 163.5
3/11/11: 162.0
3/26/11: 164.0 :(
3/27/11: 161.5 (huh?)
3/28/11: 161.5/1 hr aquaerobics/14 laps/12 min
3/29/11: 162.0
7/29/11: 164.0
Uusually do 2-3 aquaerobics a week, have started Physical Therapy on my hip issues. Haven't done a darn thing about biking or walking. Am holding steady after eating way too many chips in my "birthday month." But I am 50 now. Funny how that still happened.