Sunday, June 30, 2013

Looking for answers

I've been taking a break and will continue to break from this site for awhile. I've not been very good at keeping to any of the books. Maybe I've just stretched myself too thin. Who'da thunk there'd be an ADD-insane number of vegan low-cal/diet books on the market all at once? At least I'm glad I live in this era of so many vegan choices.

My weight and a few other issues are occupying my time right now, and my next plan is a different sort of diet to cleanse my system and gut and slowly add things back in. I'm looking at possible thyroid and autoimmune issues and I may just blog about it on a new site. I'll post that link here when it's live. My plan at this point, is to try that for two months and slowly add back in individual foods or categories of foods and see if I have any particular reactions. I'll be doing my own (vegan-modified) version of a Paleo/AIP (Auto-Immune Protocol) Diet.

With any luck, I'll be able to add back in more "regular" vegan foods at some point and can get back to using these wonderful cookbooks.

Come follow this journey at: Coastal Vegan Cave Girl

You can still find some of my food photography at a new family business run by a local couple here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I encourage you to visit their website and order their food if you are in this area. It's home-made vegan convenience food! (And at really reasonable prices!) Their food is healthy, delicious and beautiful and made with love and great care.

Vegan Twizt,