By Meghan Telpner, "Nutritionista."

This book is more of a lifestyle guide than a cookbook.. There are 46 recipes (some for household cleaners and body lotions/cleaners) in the book, a few at the end of each chapter. It makes it a little hard to "look up" a recipe without using the index in the back. No individual recipe nutritional info.

It has a lot of great advice, and is really a good compilation of all the things I've learned and come to believe along my vegan journey, although is goes way beyond veganism or being plant-based. It's what she learned in her journey to health after a Chrohn's Disease diagnosis. It comes with a 7-day meal plan. Her blog offers more information, some recipes and some items to buy. She teaches classes in person as well as online. (Like the hard-to-find Irish Moss she uses to thicken some recipes.)

Recipes that have been tried, commented about and
photographed by me are in bold italics and linked to their posts.

Nutritionista at Your Service
1. Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health
2. The UnDiet Foundations
3. Start Sipping
    55. Lemon Cayenne and Water
    55. Morning Green Juice Shazaam
    56. Freshly Blended Nut or Seed Milk
    58. Yogi tea
    58. Herbal Mocha Latte
4. Just Eat Real Food
    83. Blue-Green Power Smoothie
    83. Whole-Grain Porridge
    84. Homemade Vegetable Stock
    84. Cran-Apple Green Salad
    86. Bean And Vegetable Burgers
    87. Cashew Sour Cream
    87. Chia Paste Egg Substitute
5. Making Love in the Kitchen
    107. One-Pot Stir-Fry
    108. Lemon-Lentil Vegetable Soup
    109. Quinoa Tabbouleh
6. Raised in a Barn?
    129. Veggie Rice Wraps
    130. Almond Dipping Sauce
    130. Curried Caper Tahini Sauce
    130. Thai Green Curry Paste
    131. Booyizzle White Bean Curry
    132. Orange Zest-Infused Stew
7. Kicking the Cravings
    159. Super Berry Fruit Crumble
    162. Almond Power Cookies
    162. Banana Chocolate Soft Serve
    163. Blueberry Bubbly
    163. Easy Ginger Ale
8. There is No "Away"
    183. Blueberry Pancakes
    183. Super Syrup
    184. My Favorite Granola
    186. Sun-dried Tomato and Bean Hummus
    186. Herbed Quinoa Sesame Crackers
    187. Meghan's No-Longer Secret Tomato Sauce
9. A Touch of au Natural
    205. Best Home Cleaning Concoctions   
    209. Apple Cider Astringent or Toner
    210. Pretty Me Latte
    210. Edible Body Butter
    213. Avocado Chocolate Face Mask (or Chocolate Frosting)
    213. All-Natural Breath Rinse
10.  Love What You do and Do It with Love
     235. Love me or Leave Me Cinnamon Rolls
     236. Life-Affirming Chili
     237. Chocolate Love Almond Butter Cups
     238. Apple-Cinnamon Bedtime Snack
And There You Have It
Your 8-Week Transformation!
UnDiet Meal Plan

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