Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spicy Peanut Noodles with Broccoli

Unprocessed, p. 153 (shown with corn noodles)

We ate this as a hot entree and the DD/DH loved it and both had seconds. (The daughter requests this dish now!) I cut the nut butter in half to reduce the fat. Also reduced flavor a little, the noodles really soak up this dressing. About 4 servings, especially if you use a full pound of pasta, my package was 12 oz. It could use even more broccoli, I think. I measured exactly a pound. I used raw peanuts for topping, but I think I would really like roasted peanuts better. Adjust the pepper flakes to your taste. It WAS spicy at 1/2 tsp. Family doesn't like onions, so I only put shallots on mine.

Hint for cooking the broccoli: about 2-3 minutes before you are ready to drain your pasta, throw in your broccoli. It will cook al dente, and you will have saved water and energy! Drain and run under cold water if you are eating it cold. Since we ate it hot, I drained and rinsed quickly, and poured the heated sauce over it.

Warning: this is not really a low-cal meal at all. If you use the full amount of nut butter suggested, you are getting over 400 calories per serving (before the peanut topping) by my calculations. If you can make this into 8 servings, then it's just 200 calories, and it would be a side dish. Just try not to eat all of this, though–it's so good!

Did the DD eat it? Yes! Loved it!
DH: Liked it, too.
Would I make this again? Yes! Very tasty. We've made it three times already.
Rating: 5 out of 5 Forks

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