Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hail to the Kale

Hail to the Kale, Unprocessed, p. 122

This is a very tasty raw kale salad. The dressing is high in calories, so you would need to watch what you eat the rest of the day.

I made a half recipe of the dressing (it's made with nut butter), and then realized I didn't even have a bowl big enough for half the kale. I measured out 6 oz kale and then put half my dressing (about 5 oz) on that and massaged (with the mezzaluna). I think you could even make a half recipe of the dressing and use all 24 oz of kale. (Or 1/4 recipe dressing on half the kale.) That would greatly reduce the fat/calories. I used regular water instead of coconut water.
I really like this salad. The massaging gets the kale partly chewed so it's not so much work in your mouth. Nice for those of us with jaw issues! I saw Chef AJ make this at the McDougall Celebrity Chef Weekend in Santa Rosa a few years ago and got to taste it then.
Warning: this is not a low-cal dish even with only half the dressing. But you get lots of protein and tons of vitamins! And it's VERY tasty. So tasty you could easily eat two portions.
I used the new "Mixed Baby Kales" I found at Costco. The whole bag would make a full recipe.