Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Happy Herbivore Meal Plan-Crisps

I'm taking a little side-trip here to report on The Happy Herbivore's 7-day Meal Plan items. I'm not doing them in order, since I am trying to use up food I already have before shopping again or making things I know (think?) The Girl might actually eat. As with all the recipes on this site, I make reference to what I might have changed, but I won't be posting the actual recipe. If Lindsay has it on her site, I will link it. I'll refer to these as "MP" for meal plan.

One of the breakfast recipes is Pineapple Crisp, but since I have a lovely bag of frozen mixed berries, I made a Mixed Berry Crisp the first day and an Apricot Crisp the next. Couldn't get The Girl to eat either of these, but everyone else in the family liked them. For those not dieting, the crisps are excellent topped with either ice cream coconut cream. I also had mine with a dollop of plain unsweetened soy yogurt, which I think is still within the spirit of "low-cal."

When I followed her instructions for mixing the crisp ingredients with agave, I got a bit of a hardened lump, but when I accidentally forgot to use agave and used sugar instead, the crisp was much crispier. I simply substituted frozen mixed berries (after thawing in the micro) and then fresh apricots in my two versions.

The Happy Herbivore webpage lists a similar recipe, but with added sugar. Blueberry Crisp.

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