Monday, September 26, 2011

Fitness Goals Update 9/26/11


I have fallen off the wagon. Hard.

This summer was a disaster in trying to lose weight, and the fall has been worse. Going to Portland in August (Vegan Food Heaven) and to North Carolina (met up with my new Vida Vegan Con friends) and the Remedy Diner and The Spotted Dog just kept me enjoying great high-calorie vegan love. (Can we give a hand-clap for Vegan Sopapilla Cheesecake?)

I'm beginning to think I need to go radical (for me) for awhile at least. Maybe a mostly raw diet for a week or so. I have added green (really kinda red) smoothies with beets lately. I really like them. I also need to make time for cooking again and getting back to the purpose of this blog. The cooking not only feeds my stomach, but feeds my soul and my creative side when I photograph. Today is a fairly light workday, so I can do some meal-planning and maybe even whip up something fun.

I've updated my stats below.

Name: Margaret 

Age: 50

Weight at start (2/11): 164.5 lbs

Weight Goal: I think I need to set shorter and lower goals that are more realistic.
9/26/11: 164.0 end of the week (10/1/11)

Overall Goal: Fit into a size 8-10 again! Be a Medium, not a Large.

Total loss goal:
30 lbs (but really happy with every 5 that goes away!)

Health Goals:
Able to ride a bike for 10 miles.
Able to walk or jog for 2-4 miles.
Swim 14 laps after each aquaerobics class, or start swimming at lap sessions for 30 minutes.
Reduce/lose pain in hip.
Reduce/lose muscle spasms everywhere! (Lots of back spasms the last two week. Even had to cancel a client)
Gain strength and balance in my legs.

Weight and exercise check-in:
General update 9/26/11: I haven't been to Aqua class much since I have been traveling. Totally stopped my PT and I feel it.  
9/22//11 : 166.0; aqua + 12 min laps
8/30/11: 169.5; some swimming at hotel pool the week before 
8/19/11: 158.0
7/29/11: 164.0
Uusually do 2-3 aquaerobics a week, have started Physical Therapy on my hip issues. Haven't done a darn thing about biking or walking. Am holding steady after eating way too many chips in my "birthday month." But I am 50 now. Funny how that still happened.
3/29/11: 162.0
3/28/11: 161.5/1 hr aquaerobics/14 laps/12 min
3/27/11: 161.5 (huh?)
3/26/11: 164.0 :(
3/11/11: 162.0
3/2/11: 163.5
2/24/11: 164.5
10/10/11: 167.0 :(
10/12/11: 164.5

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