Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five books and the Photograph Uproar

Who'd a thunk there'd be SO many vegan diet cookbooks out? I'm flabbergasted as I guess I am coming late to this party.

I've just discovered Alicia Silverstone's book and have added it to the blog. I knew it existed, I just wasn't aware that it was a weight-loss cookbook.

As soon as I decided to make this a larger book blog, my personal and professional life got very busy. In my case, this means not much time for experimental cooking, photography and blogging.

I promise to get this up and running and up-to-date with all my previous posts channeled over from the Moskowitz and Me Reduction Project blog in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I have become aware of an uproar at VegNews Magazine (one of my favorites, I'll admit) about their using SO many stock photos of food that in fact, are not vegan at all, but photos of the unhealthy stuff the rest of the world eats: meat, dairy and eggs.

See more info at the original blog that "broke" the story from

Let me tell you right now that all my photographs are:
  1. My own photographs that I took with my sweet little hands. (Except for cookbook covers.)
  2. My own cooking effort from a recipe in one of the five books.
  3. All vegan. All the time. I'll tell you when I deviate from the recipe, but it won't be non-vegan even when I do.
  4. If I use a stock photo, it won't be of a recipe. Any stock photo will be non-food or clearly vegan. (Like flowers, people, sunsets, tomatoes, etc.)

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